images (1)Packing a house,Offices. It involves a whole lot of work and co-ordination. You will be busy doing a whole number of things at the same time, and one of your first priorities will be to arrange the packing and moving of all of your furniture and personal goods. Choose the best Packers Using Astro can help you quickly and easily compare services and prices from different movers and packers in your area.
By comparing offers, you can easily find the right international moving company to help you with your international and international move. We have disciplined professionals undertaking several assignments of packing services. Our experience, combined with our specialized packing materials, will provide the best possible protection to your precious belongings.
ASTRO highly trained, professional packer will arrive at a designated time with all the appropriate packing materials and get the job done efficiently, in a minimum of time. Our packing staff are experts in packing goods for transport, shipping and storage – leave the hard work to us! ASTRO provides a variety of specially designed packing cartons and materials necessary to ensure maximum protection of your personal household items during removal Unpacking.
The professional and caring ASTRO unpacking team will quickly and carefully unpack your belongings to help you settle into your new home. As soon as our team of removalists unload your precious items, the ASTRO staff will get to work.
They can promptly unpack the contents of your cartons, set up your kitchen, organise your bedrooms and make your new home fully functional from the moment you arrive. Choose the level of service you need! Assist Unpack where your ASTRO team unpack for a set period of time; focusing on priority areas such as your kitchen, master bedroom or children’s rooms.
Full Unpack; where every carton is unpacked and all your belongings are put away Options of the ASTRO Unpacking Service include: Wipe cupboards, shelves and bench tops clean Set up kitchen- glasses, crockery, cutlery, appliances and pantry Make beds and organise bedrooms Unpack, fold and hang clothes in wardrobes Set up bathrooms, fold and colour coordinate linen and towels Set up living areas and place special items on display Arrange books, CD’s and DVD’s onto shelves Unpack and organise home offices Ready empty packing materials for collection Leave beautiful bunch of flowers with compliments.  
Following are some of the features of our packing services:
Minimum Time Cautious handling Proper packaging Creating Crating means building a wooden crate to protect delicate items . Crating is part of packing — if it is necessary. Small sections of marble may not need crating because it has inherent strength. Larger pieces do need crating. Larger pieces are more brittle and susceptible to breaking. The same rule applies to glass.
 Our movers are expert at packing and crating. You should also know that when you buy coverage on your move, the packing and crating that the mover does is covered and the mover can assume liability for the pieces. When packing and crating are done by someone other than the mover, the question of who is liable becomes unclear. Make sure to ask your mover about packing and crating.
For packing and crating or just a simple move call us today at or contact us by email. We’ll be happy to help, and to provide you with a free quote.
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